We typically book as far as 3 years in advance for various events.  Based on our personalized approach, Xtreme Event Group only produces a limited number of events per day, allowing us to always deliver exceptional entertainment combined with unmatched customer service.  If you are interested in using our service, please let us know as soon as possible.

We only use the very best professional audio, video, and lighting equipment available, and have a skilled production team to operate and provide an amazing experience for you and your guests.

Xtreme Event Group is fully insured and we carry a $2 million liability insurance policy to protect all parties in case of an emergency or unforeseen circumstances. We are happy to provide a copy of our Certificate of Liability Insurance to your venue upon request.

Following our initial consultation, our entire team is dedicated to helping you throughout your planning process. In addition to having unlimited access to our online event planning tools, a final review is typically conducted in person or over the phone before your event. During this time together, we answer all of your questions and review your entire event in detail from start to finish.

Our dedicated team is fully involved throughout your planning process to help answer all of your questions and offer valuable and honest recommendations. We also provide unlimited access to our online event planning tools to help plan your celebration. These tools allow us to create a customized experience for you and your guests, by fully understanding your thoughts, expectations and ideas.

On average, we typically arrive approximately 1 ½ to 2 hours prior to your event, to ensure everything will be perfect well before your guests arrive.  We will coordinate a specific arrival time with your venue based on their schedule of events that day.

Over the years, Xtreme Event Group has worked at hundreds of venues throughout the tri-state area. If we are not familiar with your venue, we will conduct a site survey several months before the event to understand the logistics, space, power, and acoustic requirements for your specific event. We also always contact your venue approximately two weeks before your event, to review details, formalities, and timing. This ensures flawless execution.

We look to create a very high-energy experience at your celebration, however we always make sure that the volume is at a comfortable level for all of your guests to enjoy, regardless if they are on the dance floor dancing or sitting at their table having a conversation.

At Xtreme Event Group, we pride ourselves on providing non-stop, high-energy entertainment throughout your event, and typically do not take any breaks. Getting a meal is greatly appreciated, however, it is not required.

Every member of our team is dressed appropriately and professionally for each event. We try to incorporate the theme, color scheme, and tone of your event when selecting the attire to wear. Your Emcee will typically dress in a formal dark suit. Based on your feedback, motivational dancers will typically dress in all black or will incorporate the theme or color scheme in their attire. DJs, Photographers, Photo Booth Operators, and Technicians typically dress in all black attire.

Although we never anticipate a problem, we always have a back up plan in place to ensure a flawless celebration. In the unlikely event that an emergency does arise, we are fully prepared.  We always have back up entertainers on call and always carry back up equipment on site.