Remarkable DJ for NJ mitzvah parties

MITZVAH Entertainment EXPERTS!

At Xtreme Event Group, we produce remarkable mitzvah celebrations by combining first-class talent with unmatched customer service.


Remarkable events don’t just happen. They’re the end result of careful planning, preparation, and execution from our dynamic team of first-class entertainers.

We’ve never been into mass production and we don’t do cookie-cutter events. We take a boutique approach to delivering a one-of-a-kind, extraordinary experience that will far exceed your expectations.


YOUR dj will make or break THE party!

Making your child’s mitzvah a huge success takes more than just great music or a personable emcee. It requires a team of experienced professionals who specifically know how to orchestrate, engage, and energize your guests for hours.


Here’s our simple 3-step approach to producing a remarkable celebration:


Step 1: Vision

We spend countless hours together to clarify your vision, clearly identify your expectations, and get to know your family intimately.

Step 2: Planning

You receive exclusive access to our in-depth event planning tools designed to organize and centralize every detail of your party.

Step 3: Executing

We coordinate with all of your vendors to formulate the perfect party flow that successfully brings your vision to life and exceeds your expectations.


What our Clients are Saying:


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