Remarkable DJ for NJ mitzvah parties

Entertainment is Everything.

Let us help you deliver the most remarkable mitzvah celebration for your child!



At Xtreme Event Group, we produce remarkable mitzvah celebrations by combining first-class talent with unmatched customer service.

The. best. day. ever.

Making your child’s mitzvah a huge success takes more than just great music or a personable emcee. It requires a team of experienced professionals who specifically know how to orchestrate, engage, and energize your guests for hours.


Remarkable events don’t just happen. They’re the end result of careful planning, preparation, and execution from our dynamic team of first-class entertainers.

We’ve never been into mass production and we don’t do cookie-cutter events. We take a boutique approach to delivering a one-of-a-kind, extraordinary experience that will far exceed your expectations.

Thinking out of the box.

No two events are ever the same. We offer a long list of entertainment enhancements designed to customize, elevate and transform your celebration like none other!


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